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How to see Earth’s shadow at sunrise and sunset

Just before sunrise and after sunset, you can spot Earth's shadow. Look west at sunrise and east at sunset. Learn more about Earth's shadow here.

Mars in 2023: Mars is too close to the sun to see now

Mars is no longer visible in our night sky. It's too close to the sun to see for the rest of 2023. It'll return in January 2024 as a light in our morning sky.

Al Risha binds the Fishes of Pisces together

The star Al Risha in the constellation Pisces isn't bright. But it's at the tip of the graceful V in the constellation Pisces and it's very noticeable.

Edwin Hubble and the expanding universe

In 2018, the International Astronomical Union voted to rename Hubble's law as the Hubble–Lemaître law to share credit between Edwin Hubble and Georges Lemaître.

Wow! A rare waterspout over Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan

An EarthSky community member caught this rare waterspout over Sun Moon Lake on November 16, 2023. What a catch! Thank you, Bob!

Do we all see the same moon phase from Earth?

No matter where you are on the globe, we all see the same moon phase. So why do photos from a distant location sometimes look different from what you're seeing?

Lost tool bag from spacewalk caught on video

NASA astronauts accidentally lost a tool bag during a spacewalk on November 2. Now, observers on the ground have caught the tool bag on video. See it here.

Uranus at opposition on November 13, 2023

Uranus at opposition is November 13, 2023. At this time, it's brightest for the year and visible to the eye under optimum conditions. Here's how to see it.

Seasons of Uranus, a sideways world

The seasons of Uranus, each over two decades long, result from its tilted rotation axis, making for strange summers and winters on that planet.

Iceland braces for eruption of Fagradalsfjall volcano

Iceland declared a state of emergency on November 10, 2023, near Fagradalsfjall volcano, dormant for 800 years until 2021. Now it looks poised to erupt again.