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Dark cloud near Milky Way’s center is strangely quiet

There's a dark region near the Milky Way's center known as the Brick. This cold cloud of gas and dust should be forming stars, but, strangely, it's not.

Astronomers spot 1st giant stream of stars between galaxies

Astronomers have found the 1st giant stream of stars outside a galaxy. It lies among the galaxies in the Coma cluster, and it may shed light on dark matter.

Exoplanet art lets you visualize alien worlds

Enjoy the exoplanet art of Martin Vargic. Martin illustrated more than 1,000 exoplanets based on astronomers' discoveries of alien worlds around other stars.

Where is Voyager 2 going? And when will it get there?

Where is Voyager 2 going? It's not aimed for any particular star, but in 40,000 years it will pass within 1.65 light-years of the star Ross 248.

How to see Earth’s shadow at sunrise and sunset

Just before sunrise and after sunset, you can spot Earth's shadow. Look west at sunrise and east at sunset. Learn more about Earth's shadow here.

Jupiter’s Great Red Spot is shrinking! See photos

Jupiter's Great Red Spot is shrinking! Look at images from the 1800s to now and see how it's gotten smaller and rounder. Submit your own image, too!

The constellation Sculptor contains the South Galactic Pole

The constellation Sculptor appears best on November evenings from the Northern Hemisphere, when it lies along the southern horizon.

Are some modern earthquakes aftershocks from the 1800s?

Scientists examined modern-day earthquakes in 3 regions of North America and found that some are aftershocks from the 1800s.

Tucana the Toucan is home to the Small Magellanic Cloud

Tucana the Toucan is a constellation in the Southern Hemisphere that's a cinch to spot. Just look for our little satellite galaxy, the Small Magellanic Cloud.

Pegasus the Flying Horse, and the best sky story ever

Pegasus the Flying Horse is the 7th largest constellation. It dominates fall skies in the Northern Hemisphere and has a famous asterism called the Great Square.