The strange case of 2 missing giant exomoons (and maybe others)

Astronomers in Germany say that 2 possible giant exomoons probably don't actually exist. That's disappointing, but there are still some other candidates.

Watery plumes on Enceladus could hold signs of life

Do the plumes on Enceladus contain evidence of life from the moon's ocean? A new study shows that amino acids could survive and be detectable by spacecraft.

Does Chiron have rings? Or ring mimics?

A new study suggests that the possible rings around the centaur Chiron in the outer solar system are instead "evolving material" that mimics rings.

Mysterious 3200 Phaethon – parent to the Geminids – revealed?

3200 Phaethon is the weird comet-like asteroid that spawns the Geminid meteor shower. New research reveals more answers ... and questions.

Betelgeuse nearly disappeared – for some – in rare eclipse

On December 11 and 12, 2023, the star Betelgeuse dimmed, and nearly disappeared, for several seconds as asteroid Leona passed in front of it.

When our sun dies, what will happen to Earth?

A study suggests our sun is about the lowest mass star that - when it dies - produces a visible, though faint, planetary nebula. What happens when our sun dies.

Can haze on water worlds aid in the search for life?

Researchers at Johns Hopkins are simulating haze on water worlds. The haze muddles observations but can also help determine if an exoplanet is habitable.

Comet Halley to reach farthest point from sun on December 9

Comet Halley reaches its farthest point in orbit from the sun on December 9, 2023. It'll then begin its return trip to the inner solar system, arriving in 2061.

Dark cloud near Milky Way’s center is strangely quiet

There's a dark region near the Milky Way's center known as the Brick. This cold cloud of gas and dust should be forming stars, but, strangely, it's not.

Rocky exoplanets can form in the most extreme environments

NASA's James Webb Space Telescope has found molecular building blocks of rocky exoplanets in a region previously thought to be too extreme and hostile.