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After weeks of earthquakes, an Iceland volcano began erupting powerfully on December 18, 2023. It was a bigger eruption than volcanologists had predicted!
Brightest Stars
Sun news: More beautiful auroras as storming comes to an end
Sun news December 19, 2023. Beautiful auroras were enjoyed for another night, as the recent flurry of geomagnetic activity finally came to a close.
Astronomy Essentials

澳洲体彩幸运10官网历史查询 planets and night sky for December

Visible planets: Venus dominates the morning sky. Bright Jupiter is visible most of the night. Saturn shines after sunset.

Longest days accompany the December solstice

The longest days accompany the winter solstice. In December, a day - a whole cycle of day and night - is about half a minute longer than the average 24 hours.

List of SpaceX Starlink launches for December

Find a list of SpaceX's Starlink launches for December here. Learn more about Starlink satellites, and keep coming back for updates!

The strange case of 2 missing giant exomoons (and maybe others)

Astronomers in Germany say that 2 possible giant exomoons probably don't actually exist. That's disappointing, but there are still some other candidates.

Birds with backpacks to help study Earth’s atmosphere

Birds with backpacks: a new study from NASA's 'Internet of Animals' shows that high-flying great frigatebirds can provide detailed sampling of the atmosphere.

Fornax the Furnace: A dim constellation with galaxies galore

Fornax the Furnace appears as a few dim stars to the unaided eye but harbors galaxies from one orbiting the Milky Way to some at the edge of the universe.

Virga is rain that doesn’t reach the ground

Learn what virga is and how it forms, and see great photos to help you learn how to identify it yourself! Plus, learn if radar can pick up virga.

Orion the Hunter and the Milky Way on December evenings

The constellation Orion the Hunter is very easy to find. If you have a dark sky, you can also see the luminous band of the Milky Way running behind it.
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